New Richmond Pumpkin Tops Record MN Pumpkin at Stillwater Harvest Fest

The humongous Wisconsin gourd outweighed the biggest Minnesota pumpkin ever by four pounds.

Stillwater Harvest Fest giant pumpkins. Screenshot: Twitter/Dave (@subrec)
Stillwater Harvest Fest giant pumpkins. Screenshot: Twitter/Dave (@subrec)
Here's a smashing pumpkin-drop video by Tammy Huebner Mehalek from Saturday's festivities at Stillwater Harvest Fest, as well as photos by Dave (@subrec), Megan Sundquist (@misssunkist89), Carol Moss (@carolmossesq), and Dana (@dbdubs). 

The winning pumpkins, as reported by the St. Paul Pioneer Press

1. Chris Stevens (New Richmond, WI): 1,783.5 pounds

2. Joe Werner 1,779 pounds (Richville, MN): 1,779 pounds

3. Scott Steil (Richmond, MN): 1,734 pounds

(If the video and photos don't appear above on your mobile device, try viewing them at Facebook and Storify.)


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