Lisa Rambo Update: "The Biggest Loser" Week 4

In the fourth week of the show, Hudson's "The Biggest Loser" contestant lost 9 pounds to bring her weight to 214 pounds. That's down 32 from her initial weight of 246.

Lisa Rambo, the Hudson High School special education assistant who is  lost only nine pounds this week as the Red team posted the highest team percentage.

The episode kicked off with an announcement that all three trainers would spend the week away from their teams while they visited the child contestants at their homes.

Before departing, Dolvett fired up the Red team by telling them that it's time for them to become warriors.

"It's time to get pissed off. It's time to start fighting," he said.

Rambo admitted that not having him around "kind of freaks me out."

The challenge this week was a 5K along a paved path on the beach. The winning team split $15,000; the second place team split $5,000 and the third place team split $2,500.

The two-member white team won the challenge with Danni finishing first and Pam finishing third overall. The Red team came in second with Joe in second, Francelina in fourth, Lisa in fifth and Jackson in sixth. The four competing Blue team members — Gina, Jeff, Michael and Alex — took the bottom four spots. David didn't compete due to his leg injury.

At this week's weigh in, the five-member Blue team lost 40 pounds (2.75 percent), the four-member Red team lost 34 pounds (3.16 percent) and the two-member White team lost 9 pounds (2.05 percent). Because the White team only has two members, no vote was taken and Pam was automatically eliminated because she had lost only 3 pounds.

Lisa's weigh-in was interrupted with a dramatic cliff-hanger commercial break. After coming back, Lisa posted a loss of 9 pounds, from 223 to 214 — her biggest drop since Week 1.

Here are the stats for everyone this week:

  • Michael: -12 : 384 lbs
  • David: -9 : 263 lbs
  • Alex: -4 : 217 lbs
  • Gina: -9 : 206 lbs
  • Jeff: -6 : 342 lbs
  • Joe: -7 : 310 lbs
  • Francelina: -6 : 231 lbs
  • Lisa: -9 : 214 lbs
  • Jackson: -12 : 288 lbs
  • Danni: -6 : 222 lbs
  • Pam: -3 : 207 lbs

The next episode will air Monday, Jan. 28, at 7 p.m. on NBC.

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