Xcel Says Wisconsin Residential Natural-Gas Customers May Return Thermostats to 68°F

Utility's lifted request to its Minnesota and North Dakota customers earlier Monday following pipeline explosion in Canada.

Wisconsin natural-gas customers can set the temp back  to 68°F in their homes, Xcel Energy said Monday afternoon, in the wake of a pipeline fire in Canada that threatened local supply. 

The full press release from Xcel Energy:  

Xcel Energy officials lifted all conservation appeals today as the company’s natural gas system returned to normal operations.

 The appeal for customers in western Wisconsin was lifted at noon, while customers in Minnesota and eastern North Dakota began dialing up thermostats late this morning. The company lifted the appeals at intervals to help control demand and ensure safe operations.

The conservation appeals were issued late Saturday, after an explosion early that morning ruptured a TransCanada pipeline in Manitoba, and two nearby pipelines were shut down for inspections. One of the pipelines resumed operations late Sunday.

“The response from our customers, emergency response officials and other local, state and federal officials was most gratifying,” said Kent Larson, Xcel Energy’s senior vice president of operations. “Customers stepped up to conserve, so fortunately no one lost natural gas service due to this event. Had that happened, however, folks were standing by to move quickly to assist our customers.”

While the appeals to residential and business customers to conserve have been lifted, the company’s Interruptible Gas Rates programs remain in effect for most participants. Nearly 600 business customers in Minnesota and North Dakota and 250 in Wisconsin and Michigan who participate in the program were asked to reduce natural gas usage beginning at 9 p.m. Saturday. Customers in these programs have agreed to cut back on usage at the company’s request in exchange for reduced rates year-round. 

Should there be further developments, updates will be posted on Xcel Energy’s website and on Facebook and Twitter.

® Cody Walker January 28, 2014 at 01:15 PM
If they truly wanted more money why would they tell you to use less of their product? Those that fail to understand reality never have logical statements.
TP Jr January 28, 2014 at 03:24 PM
@Cody - why?? Cuz the reality is, they are government sanctioned monopolies that are not regulated. Think it's expensive now, wait til next year when the price really skyrockets. They'll use this short term pipeline explosion as some b.s. excuse to price gouge during the entire heating season so they can line their pockets. The lower and middle class screwed yet again...


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