Parents of Grammy Winner Bon Iver's Lead Singer Live in Hudson

Gil and Justine Vernon of Hudson are the parents of 2012 Grammy winner Justin Vernon of the band Bon Iver. On Sunday, Feb. 12, the band won Grammy awards for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album.

The band Bon Iver took home two Grammy awards (Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album) on Sunday, Feb. 12, and as frontman Justin Vernon took the stage to deliver an acceptance speech fans from Hudson shared in the joy.

Justin's parents, Gil and Justine Vernon, now live in Hudson. Gil runs Gil Vernon Arbitration Corp., and Justine is retired. 

During his acceptance speech, Vernon acknowledged his western Wisconsin roots by mentioning the city of Eau Claire where he grew up, and thanking his parents.

Justine's Facebook wall on Sunday night announced the occasion with the following simple status update:

"Our boy has a Grammy!!!"

, owner of , posted the following on Facebook along with a link to a news story about Bon Iver's Grammy: 

"Excited for his win - a talented man from Eau Claire Wisconsin - just realized what he looked like up close 2 months ago - when he joined his mom for dinner in The Nova! Of course the younger ones knew him right away!! Congratulations!"


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