Duffy vs. Kreitlow: County Party Chairs' Closing Arguments

Chairs of the St. Croix County Democratic Party and the St. Croix County Republican Party make a case for their candidates in Wisconsin Seventh Congressional District — Sean Duffy and Pat Kreitlow.

Editor's Note: Hudson Patch asked the chairs of both major parties in St. Croix County to provide a closing argument for each of their candidates involved in contested races on Nov. 6. Writing for the St. Croix County Democratic Party is chairwoman Susan Stori. Writing for the St. Croix County Republican Party is chairman Jesse Garza. Each writer was asked to make the case for their candidate in 300 or fewer words. The incumbent party gets the first word and the challenging party gets the last word.


The Case for Sean Duffy

During the election of 2010 this country and the Seventh Congressional District realized we need real reformers in Washington. Our nation’s debt is out of control and that burden will be left to our children. Congressman Sean Duffy won a congressional seat held by a Democrat since 1969. His victory came about because he was talking with voters in the Seventh about real reforms and spending cuts that are needed in Washington. 

The Seventh Congressional district, which makes up roughly a third of the state of Wisconsin (geographically speaking), stretches north to border of Michigan, west to Superior, and down to St. Croix County. While this district may be large with a diverse set of opinions our values remain the same; strong families, pro-job economic growth, and limited government.  

In his first term he introduced the RESTRICT Act that stopped insider trading by government officials and employees. This legislation was a way of telling Washington that business will not be done as usual and Washington must be held accountable like everyone else.

He has fought to stop the raid on Medicare to pay for Obamacare, and succeeded at working in a bipartisan manner to build a bridge that connects Minnesota and Wisconsin that was long overdue.

Congressman Duffy went to Washington for the purpose of reforming a system that is on the precipice of failure and leading us back to a healthy government and nation.  

The 2012 election is about big ideas for big problems Congressman Duffy wants to make sure some of our greatest programs such as Medicare and Social Security are here for another generation and responsible federal government is attainable by limiting government’s growth and thinking about future generations as well as the current generation.

Congressman Duffy has earned reelection on Nov. 6!

  --Jesse Garza, chairman, St. Croix County Republican Party 


The Case for Pat Kreitlow

Pat Kreitlow is running for Congress to bring a new approach to Washington focused on job creation, balancing the budget, and giving the middle class a fair shake. Washington hasn’t listened, and Congressman Sean Duffy has been part of the problem. We’ve seen soaring deficits, gridlock and little action on job creation.

Pat says we need to balance the budget, but not on the backs of seniors and the middle class. We certainly need to cut wasteful spending and make government more efficient. Those things can and should be done.

The Ryan budget that Congressman Duffy voted for isn’t the right approach. It would make seniors pay $6,000 more for Medicare and raise taxes on middle class families, giving millionaires a $250,000 tax break. That doesn’t work as an economic policy and is against our values.

We need to strengthen Medicare, focusing on quality of care over quantity, allowing negotiation of prescription drug prices and getting costs under control. Pat will make sure tax cuts are focused on the middle class, not millionaires and the special interests. 

Pat will help get Washington focused to encourage job creation here in Wisconsin. That means investing in medical and high-tech research, streamlining regulations, and targeting tax relief to help grow our small businesses.

We need to focus on education, especially technical colleges and job training, so that our workforce continues to compete globally. We need a tax code that discourages companies from sending jobs overseas. We need to stop putting workers at a disadvantage with unfair trade deals.

These priorities are about creating jobs to ensure everyone has a fair chance to succeed. We need new leadership that truly represents all of us and is focused on growing our economy. Vote Pat Kreitlow.


  --Susan Stori, chairwoman, St. Croix County Democratic Party


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Jack Stone November 04, 2012 at 04:12 AM
http://wausaunova.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/questions-sean-duffy-will-not-answer/ These are the simple questions Rep Sean Duffy refuses to answer!


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