Harsdorf vs. Olson: County Party Chairs' Closing Arguments

Chairs of the St. Croix County Democratic Party and the St. Croix County Republican Party make a case for their candidates in the 10th State Senate District Race — Sheila Harsdorf and Dan Olson.

Editor's Note: Hudson Patch asked the chairs of both major parties in St. Croix County to provide a closing argument for each of their candidates involved in contested races on Nov. 6. Writing for the St. Croix County Democratic Party is chairwoman Susan Stori. Writing for the St. Croix County Republican Party is chairman Jesse Garza. Each writer was asked to make the case for their candidate in 300 or fewer words. The incumbent party gets the first word and the challenging party gets the last word.


The Case for Sheila Harsdorf

State Senator Harsdorf earned reelection in a way few elected leaders ever will. She faced down a wave of animosity brought on by thousands of people whom many did not even live in Senate District 10 (SD 10) or the great State of Wisconsin.

State Senator Harsdorf was put through a recall that captured America’s attention and not only did she come out victorious, but she won by the widest margin of any of the recalls in 2011. Her victory in the summer of 2011 happened because she has, on so many occasions, fought for farmers, small business owners, and struggling families.

In addition, her relationships in SD 10 have transcended beyond senator/constituent, but to long lasting and trusting relationships with the voters of our district. She has worked hard to get to know families, neighbors, business owners, and laborers. 

While she served on the Finance committee during the debate over the budget repair bill (known as Act 10) she thought about the needs of the people of Senate District 10 and how our future will be affected by legislative failure to address very difficult problems.

State Senator Harsdorf led Wisconsin through a crisis knowing that millions of dollars would be spent to remove her from office. At the peak of the recalls voters of Senate District 10 rallied to her support knowing that she has always worked on behalf of those she represents.

In the fall of 2011 teachers went back to school doing what they love, students received and continue to receive an excellent education in the Hudson School District, and taxpayers got a fiscally responsible government.

Join me in reelecting State Senator Sheila Harsdorf as she continues to fight for us for another four years.

  --Jesse Garza, chairman, St. Croix County Republican Party 


The Case for Dan Olson

Dan Olson says it’s time for new beginnings in the 10th Senate District. He wants to bring people and communities back together with a more moderate approach in Madison.  

After the political bickering and civil unrest in Wisconsin the past few years, Dan will reach out to the people in northwest Wisconsin and work toward solutions that represent our diverse ideas and needs. He says communication, collaboration, and compromise are the necessary steps required to make that happen.

Dan Olson also values our future, emphasizing the need to invest in job creation through increased educational investments which better prepare our workforce for emerging industrial demands. We can’t continue to cut funding to schools at all levels and think businesses will settle in our communities with a workforce that doesn’t possess the skills they require. By continuing to cut funding for education, we risk falling further and further behind the rest of the nation when it comes to a ready workforce.

Candidate Olson says he wants to take a more responsible approach to balancing the state budget. He wonders how can we say we want to balance our budget and then allow our state legislature to refinance $500 million and claim that’s not pushing our debt off on our children? How can we cut $1.6 billion dollars out of education and claim it a necessary move that won’t significantly impact our future? How can we NOT pay our required state bills yet be upset when one of our own state agencies, the WEDC, doesn’t even require businesses that received huge tax breaks to pay over $9 million in overdue payments?

If you want a state senator who will fight to represent the people of the 10th Senate District, vote for Dan Olson.

  --Susan Stori, chairwoman, St. Croix County Democratic Party


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