Hudson Patch Seeks Your Letters to the Editor

I want to regularly publish views from the public. What do you have to say?

Ever since we launched Hudson Patch in December 2010, I've had a great time chatting with folks, emailing back-and-forth and interacting with commenters. The participation from the user community has been great. 

In addition to the comments, people have posted their own free announcements, events, classified ads, questions and answers, and even some of their own photos and videos. I've also had great participation on Twitter and especially on Facebook, where more than 600 people have "liked" Hudson Patch and follow its updates.

But I think we can do more.

It might not be obvious from the layout of the site, but we do want your letters to the editor about issues of concern. I'm looking forward to receiving your letters and regularly publishing them for the whole community to see.

Hudson Patch letter to the editor submissions must be 300 or fewer words and include the following for verification purposes:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Telephone number

Submissions should be sent to me at foleymo@patch.com with the subject line "Letter to the Editor" or "Guest Column." You can include relevant photos with your message if you're so inclined, but that's completely optional. If you do send images, please ensure that they are copyright free. Hudson Patch respects the intellectual property of others.

I think once the community gets accustomed to submitting their letters, Hudson Patch will serve as an even better hub for community conversations about issues that really matter to Hudson.

Patch is all about participation, not just consumption. It's less like a newspaper and more like a community center. You can put up pamphlets on our bulletin board and have conversations with your neighbors.

So, the next time something bugs you, moves you, or just makes you want to talk, consider taking a moment to create an announcement or send a letter to Patch. You're probably not the only one who has noticed the issue.


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