Letters to the Editor: June 16, 2012

Hudson Patch letters to the editor received within the past week.

I never planned to be a teacher.  Then in 1998, Linda Walbrun and Bob Benoy talked me into it.  Beginning with emergency certification, seven years later I was National Board Certified with an MA in Teaching.  There are 24 NBCT German teachers in the country and one in Wisconsin (me.)  Thank you to principals Dan Koch and Ed Lucas for your encouragement, guidance, and support during my career.  Thank you to the students for fueling my passion to teach.  The German Department in the MS and HS is one of the best in the country, solid and dynamic.  I leave it in the capable hands of my stellar colleagues.  I would be able to retire next year, but I won’t because I quit this year.  Here’s why. 

The environment in the HSD is repressive and dictatorial.  Teachers are highly trained professionals.  This important and valuable resource is wasted with a top down managerial style and micromanagement.  The superintendent may have some good ideas, but she does not involve stakeholders and let things develop organically with their input.  Everything is force fed. 

There is little background in the field of education amongst the members of the board of education.  Therefore, they are dependent on the superintendent.  Knowledge is power. 

Administration is top heavy over on Brakke Drive, and not gender balanced.  I suspect that there is little tolerance for dissension.  Anyone not on the same page will disappear at the earliest convenience.  Anyone who stays will be walking in lock step, or at least making that appearance to the master puppeteer. 

I want to thank the Hudson community for your support over the years.  I have walked a mile in the shoes of a teacher.  It’s not what it looks like from the outside.  For those who are negative toward teachers, I suggest redirecting that energy to help find ways for constructive improvement starting at the top.  As a member of this community, that is what I plan to do.

  --Judy Wyatt-Schlei, Town of Hudson resident


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country boy June 17, 2012 at 03:18 AM
This editorial is a testament to what I had suspected about our seemingly autocratic District Administrator. Thank you Ms. Shlei for your candid letter. A few items over the last year or so come to mind: 1)The debacle of SCM as a school site with the support of quite a few " community organizers" riding on her skirt tails to accomplish her ideals. Now we are left in a holding pattern until this Administration tries to get their act together while throwing some tax dollars down the tubes hiring a consultant to spin the tale for rezoning of SCM that the District has asked the City to delay for 6 months . 2)The firing of a good substitute teacher because of differing views of her spouse at the Hudson plan commission mtg. 3) The new principal at the High School pushing policy edicts that are dictated by the Administrator. ( example: A student cannot walk with their graduating class if they do not have the "appropriate" amount of attendance hours, even after scoring high grades and passing all the requirements to graduate. Yet, that student can attend the all night party. Whats'with that? A lifetime of educational memories flushed because a inane rule. By the way, I would suspect a huge blow to a students' self esteem by Administrative BULLYS !) Now that the community has been exposed to a number of policy messes from this administration....a closer look into the operations of this taxpayer funded entity is in order!
April Simmons June 17, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Dear Ms. Wyatt Schlei, It saddens me to hear that you are quitting due to the atmosphere in the district. Good people - teachers, substitutes and secretaries are disappearing because they have "crossed" this administration. In any successful organization there needs to be feedback from all levels, teachers and even students need a voice. The contribution of this feedback helps build a strong mission statement that everyone can get behind. We are all not going to agree 100% of the time but by not even considering all feedback it is a disservice. We have terrific teachers in this district. I have five kids and have had the pleasure of getting to know many of them. It is not right that these experts in their field are being intimidated by their leaders. I support the teachers and would like to hear their voices again. It is time to change the people at the top and bring in someone who can actually listen and is knowledgeable about the field of education. Thank you for your years of teaching and guiding our students. I appreciate your hard work and efforts that I know go in to doing what you do. I want you and the other teachers in our community to know that I am not going away. Please feel free to contact me directly. I would invite your story and any other teacher’s story in complete confidence. Knowledge is power. Together we have the opportunity to make change. The” sisterhood” in Hudson needs to end, April Simmons randasimmons@aol.com
Scott Wettleson June 18, 2012 at 04:20 PM
I've heard a teacher at E.P. Rock had three ribs broken by a student and mysteriously, this teacher was gone during the school year. No one knows what happened to her......did she quit, was she fired? I've also heard both students and teachers were/are afraid of what some of these kids do, and are capable of doing physically. All that appears to happen is the kid(s) get rewarded with treats when they calm themselves done. Thousands of dollars of damage was done to a Smartboard, computers etc. and nothing happens. These parents should be called to get their unruly kid out of school and if that means everyday, so be it. Sooner or later the parent and or company who employs the parent is gonna have enough. The administration and school board is too closely aligned. You need to have a checks and balance system in place to monitor things.....unfortunately, in Hudson, that's impossible at this time.
Mary Loritz July 15, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Thank you Ms. Shlei for being so forthcoming and candid about what's going on in the HSD. There are a lot of us who know what has been happening but there are too many that are looking the other way. All they are doing is hurting their kids, grandkids etc. It's too bad more people won't stand up like you did. It is this whole pattern that has driven many very good teachers to leave and the people that are going to suffer are the kids. Wake up parents and SPEAK UP!!!!!


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