Yoga Classes Offered in Several Hudson Gyms, Fitness Centers

Yoga can help anyone increase flexibility, prevent injury, relieve stress, improve posture and strengthen cardiovascular function.

As we exercise, we put strain on our muscles that they aren't accustomed to.  Whether you're a runner, sports enthusiast, fitness class attendee or doing your own various workouts, your muscles are moving in ways that they might not be used to. The result is often soreness and muscle fatigue that can leave you feeling like another day at the gym is unthinkable. 

If you're aching and sore from exercise, your muscles need to be nurtured to support the idea of continuing on effectively. Take a break from the weights, class or cardio machines for a day and try yoga. 

Yoga is for everyone. When some people think of yoga, they think of having to stretch like a gymnast into pretzel-like poses. This often creates worry that they are too old or unfit to participate. The truth is contrary. Yoga is a sweeping trend meant for all ages and fitness levels and the health benefits reach far beyond relief for sore muscles. 

When contemplating yoga, consider these additional health advantages that improve your everyday life:

1. Increased flexibility. Yoga elongates the muscles, allowing them to move more efficiently,  not only during exercise, but in everyday life. Reaching for things, lifting objects and playing with your children all become easier with increased flexibility.

2. Injury prevention. Yoga increases the elasticity in your muscles and tendons and the lubrication in your joints making them less susceptible to injury. 

3. Stress relief. Yoga forces you to turn off the "mental chatter" that occurs all day long in your brain. It requires focus and is accompanied by soothing music, leaving you more calm and relaxed.

4. Improved posture. Yoga increases core strength. Your core consists of all the muscles in your trunk. When they are stronger, you walk taller.

5. Cardiovascular strength. Yoga focuses on deep breathing. When breathe deep repetitively, we increase our lung capacity which, in turn, increases our cardiovascular endurance. Most successful athletes do yoga on a regular basis.

Where do Hudsonites go to try yoga?  is a yoga studio that offers classes every day, from beginner to advanced. The is a martial arts studio that has yoga on their calendar once a week. Awaken Counselling and Wellness offers yoga as a means to improve your mental health. Several fitness centers, such as the and , have added yoga to their class offerings. Life's 5 Studio has yoga coming soon.

Yoga really is for everyone. If you are a beginner, push the fear aside and give yoga a try. Go several times to get accustomed to the moves and allow your mind to embrace the process. Step out of your comfort zone and into a stronger, more flexible and well balanced life!


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