Burglars Flee Hudson Goodwill Empty-Handed

Three hooded intruders apparently looking for cash ransacked the Goodwill store in Hudson, but were unable to open the store's safe with $4,800 inside.

Three would-be robbers broke into the store in Hudson early last Thursday, but they seem to have left without any cash or merchandise according to a police report.

Just before 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 8, officers responded to an alarm at the Goodwill store. When officers arrived, they found the front door glass broken and footprints leading inside. After a St. Croix County Sheriff's Office K9 cleared the store, officers entered and searched the premises. 

Officers found that one of the four cash registered had been overturned in the front area of the store and doors had been pried open in the back of the store. The main office had been ransacked, with papers and empty money pouches strewn about, one of the two desks pushed up against a wall, and a computer pushed to the floor. A metal safe inside the office had pry marks on it, but didn't appear to have been opened.

A Goodwill manager was called to the scene and reported that there was about $4,800 in the safe and nothing appeared to have been taken. 

Surveillance footage from the store during the burglary showed three individuals breaking in at 12:24 a.m. and leaving minutes later out the northeast back door. One burglar wore a gray hoodie, dark pants and a baseball cap. Another burglar wore a gray hoodie and dark pants. The third burglar wore a black hoodie and khaki pants. All three individuals wore gloves.

Surveillance footage from the nearby around the same time of the incident showed three individuals together in the store wearing clothing matching the description of the burglars.

Police also followed fresh footprints in the snow after the incident. The footprints appeared to have originated from behind , where fresh tire tracks were also spotted.

Police are still investigating.


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