Three Hudson Teens Plead Not-Guilty of Sexual Assault, Video Sexploitation

Three Hudson teens have pleaded not-guilty to felony charges stemming from an incident at a 2011 drinking party at which one of the teens allegedly sexually assaulted an intoxicated girl while the other two allegedly filmed it.

A third Hudson teen pleaded not-guilty to felony sexual exploitation and sexual assault charges stemming from an alleged incident at an underage drinking party in the Town of St. Joseph on Sept. 25, 2011.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the boys was engaged in sexual activity with a 17-year-old girl (now 18) who was intoxicated and unable to give consent. The other two boys were part of a group present during the incident and recorded video of it with cell phones, the complaint alleges. All four teens are classmates at Hudson High School.

Alexander F. Gove, now 17, entered not-guilty pleas to both charges in St. Croix County Circuit Court on Wednesday, Oct. 31. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for Dec. 19. The criminal complaint alleges that Gove was the boy who had sexual contact with the girl.

Also charged in the incident are Brandon W. Brown, now 18, and Daniel E. Karlovich, now 17. Brown entered not-guilty pleas on Sept. 17, and Karlovich entered not-guilty pleas on Sept. 24.

Karlovich's next court appearance is a motion hearing scheduled for Nov. 15, and Brown has a motion hearing scheduled for Dec. 12. 

About the Charges

All three teens were charged with the following:

  • 948.05(1)(b): Child Sexploitation - Videos, Records, etc. (by Person Under 18 Years of Age), as a party to a crime - Class F Felony
  • 940.225(2)(cm): 2nd Deg. Sex Assault-Intoxicated Victim, as a party to a crime - Class C Felony

The Child Sexploitation charge carries a maximum penalty of a fine of not more than $25,000, or a prison sentence of not more than 12 years and six months, or both. The Second Degree Sexual Assault charge carries a maximum penalty of a fine of $100,000, or a prison sentence of not more than 40 years, or both.


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