ELECTION RESULTS: Dog Track Passes, Burchill Remains Mayor

The referendum to purchase the St. Croix Meadows dog track property has passed, but must clear a hurdle next week with Hudson City Planning. Hudson Mayor Alan Burchill easily defeated Scot O'Malley.

LATEST UPDATE: 6:34 p.m., April 10, 2012 

School district results are now official, according to the April 9 canvass. All other results reflect the unofficial totals.

All unofficial results have been entered, including write-ins. Results are subject to change due to manual entries from the touch screen voting equipment.



Hudson School Board Votes Sandy Gehrke * 3,602 Tom Holland * 3,472 Brian P. Bell * 3,269 Liz Bruch 3,202 Cathy Leaf 2,524 John A. Burtis 2,121 Write-ins 349

Brian Bell issued the following statement:
"I am happy to serve for another term on the Hudson School board. I  wanted to thank all the people who volunteered time in this important election." 

Liz Bruch issued the following statement:
"The election is over, the results are in, and the work ahead for the new school board is about to begin. I am grateful to have been a part of this election process and carry warm memories of the many people that I was privileged to meet as I walked the streets of the School District. I offer my sincere congratulations to Sandy Gehrke, Tom Holland, and Brian Bell as they have now received this honored trust to serve on behalf of the people of the District. I pledge my own continuing support for the entire educational enterprise in this community. Thank you again for the privilege of running for this office and special thanks to those who helped with my campaign and for those who chose to vote for me." 

St. Croix Meadows Purchase Votes % Yes * 4,792 56% No 3,768 44%

The Hudson School District will hold a press conference at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday regarding the referendum results. According to the media advisory sent earlier this week, "No statements will be provided to the media prior to this time." 

Paul Moen, chairmain of the Vote Yes Committee, did speak up about the referendum results.

"I'm real pleased that the Hudson community, when presented with the facts of the referendum, that they decided that we do need to support additional space," Moen said. "What we're most pleased with is that our efforts were successful and that the community of Hudson is ready to move forward."

The last hurdle for the district to clear before the purchase can go through is for the City of Hudson to rezone the property from commercial use to public use. The Plan Commission delayed acting on a request for rezoning until after the referendum. A public hearing is slated for Monday, April 9.

"Now, in my opinion, the community has overwhelmingly endorsed this referendum, so the Planning Commission has no choice but to rezone," Moen said. 


Mayor Votes % Alan D. Burchill * 2,372 74.5% Scot O'Malley 807 25.3% Write-ins 6 0.2%

Alan Burchill has issued the following statement:
"I would like to thank the citizens of Hudson for electing me their mayor for the next  two years. It is a privilege and honor to serve as mayor of Hudson. I am proud I ran on my record and that we ran a positive, issue-focussed campaign. The City has many challenges and I am confident that with with everyone working together we can find effective solutions. There are many more issues in which we agree than disagree. So, now is the time to go to work."

Municipal Judge Votes % Susan S. Gherty * 2,566 99% Write-ins 27 1% District 2 Alderperson Votes % Mary Yacoub * 405 98.5% Write-ins 6 1.5% District 3 Alderperson Votes % Lori Bernard * 516 97.9% Write-ins 11 2.1% District 4 Alderperson Votes % Kurt TeWinkel * 247 56.7% Dennis B. O'Connell 188 43.1% Write-ins 1 0.2%


Town Board Supervisor 1 Votes % Don Jordan * 1,079 61.1% Ken Kolbe 679 38.4% Write-ins 9 0.5%

Ken Kolbe issued the following statement: 
"Thank you everyone for the last six years and those who voted this election for a progressive community. I have always looked to the future for our town and how we could be a better community for all, not just the select few who would sue the town for not getting their way. Everyone have a safe day and if you are still interested in my representing you, there is always next year."

Town Board Supervisor 3 Votes % David Ostby * 1,519 98.6% Write-ins 21 1.4%


Village Trustee Votes Daryl Standafer * 655 Stan Wekkin * 575 Ted Head * 537 Write-ins 26


District 3 Supervisor Votes % Tim Hood * 618 68.7% Dietmar Schlei  280 31.1% Write-ins 1 0.1% District 4 Supervisor Votes % Daryl Standafer * 524 50.0% Howard F. Novotny 511 48.8% Write-ins 12 1.1% District 5 Supervisor Votes % Fred Yoerg * 523 56.5% Sharon A. Norton-Bauman 396 42.8% Write-ins 6 0.6% District 6 Supervisor Votes % C.W. Buck Malick * 1,073 99.1% Write-ins 10 0.1% District 7 Supervisor Votes % Chris Kilber * 575 99.5% Write-ins 3 0.5% District 8 Supervisor Votes % Richard Ottino * 824 99.8% Write-ins 2 0.2% Nursing Home Referendum Votes % Yes * 10,528 62.8% No 6,243 37.2%


ORIGINAL POST (5 p.m., April 3, 2012): Hudson Patch will bring you unofficial election results from today's races after polls close at 8 p.m. This post will be updated as new results come in.

Projected winners will be marked with the * symbol.

Of the 17 local races, we'll first focus on five races of high interest to Hudson-area voters. Those races are the following:

  • St. Croix Meadows purchase referendum
  • Hudson School District Board of Education (three seats)
  • City of Hudson, Mayor
  • City of Hudson, District 4 Alderperson
  • Town of Hudson, Town Board Supervisor 1

We'll also keep an eye on contested county races that affect the Hudson area, including the following:

  • County nursing home funding referendum
  • County, District 3 Supervisor
  • County, District 4 Supervisor
  • County, District 5 Supervisor
Garth Vander Vorst April 04, 2012 at 02:35 PM
I know that the Town Of St. Joseph and Houlton are not in the "area" that Hudson Patch covers, but the school board members for Hudson and the Dog Track purchase were on our ballots, becuase we pay taxes to and are in the Hudson School District. St. Joseph and Houlton residents, if you want to find our election results they can be found at Hudson Star Observer .com
Micheal Foley April 04, 2012 at 02:47 PM
You can find results for every race in the county on the county's website: http://www.co.saint-croix.wi.us/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={833DB9F8-25F5-44B1-92D0-55E0031A36A2}
ThingsThatMakeYouGo-Hmmmm April 04, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Thank you for the website link! For Town of St Joe, here's the skinny: (Unofficial results show those leading the numbers in their electoral race.) Rick Santorum Agnes Ring Tim Hood Brian Gullickson Tom Spaniol Here's the Unofficial Summary PDF direct link http://www.co.saint-croix.wi.us/vertical/sites/%7BBC2127FC-9D61-44F6-A557-17F280990A45%7D/uploads/Results_Summary1.pdf


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