City of Hudson Plan Commission Meeting

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1. Call to order.

2. Consideration of 8/23/12 & 9/4/12 meeting minutes.

3. Application by Croixland Properties, Ltd for rezoning approximately 131 acres of property at 2200 Carmichael Road (former St. Croix Meadows greyhound racing facility) from B-2, General Business District to PUB, Public or Quasi-Public District and to amend the 2009 City of Hudson comprehensive plan 2030 Master Plan Map land use designation from General Commercial to Institutional (except for the area of the parcel that is designated Conservancy District). The property is generally located one mile south of I-94 and south and east of Carmichael Road.
    A. Croixland Properties, Ltd. and School District of Hudson
    B. Presentation of , August 2012, prepared on behalf of Hudson School District and St. Croix Meadows.  (The plan commission may ask questions or discuss content of the rezoning analysis during the presentation).
    C. Public comment
    D. Discussion and consideration by the plan commission

4. Other business for information purposes only or for upcoming agenda.


Notice is hereby given that a majority of the City Council may be present at the aforementioned meeting of the Plan Commission to gather information about a subject over which they have decision-making responsibility.  This constitutes a meeting of the City Council pursuant to State ex rel. Badke v. Greendale Village Bd., 173 Wis. 2d 553, 494 N. W. 2d 408 (1993), and must be noticed as such, although the Council will not take any formal action at this meeting.

Paine Reliever September 06, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Great point about the traffic. It is horrible and the city has done very little to address it. 7:30 is a nightmare. There are some in the community that believe the city has postponed the obvious need to make 4 lane roads from the high school to the soccer fields on Vine street and from I94 to the middle school on Carmicheal for a simple reason. They were expecting the school would someday be built on UU and then the entire district would foot the road improvement bill instead of just the city of Hudson. if that did happen, then see how fast all the other property on Carmicheal fills up. There is a plan alright.
Lil Guy September 06, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Really frustrating to know that there are individuals out there who thought 9 million dollars was going to pay for a new school. More like 80 million since they will have to update the other schools and operate a new school. May even be more like 90 million like New Richmond. How many dinner at Famous Dave's will that be now'?
Concerned Citizen #1 September 06, 2012 at 07:34 PM
maybe like 100 billion dollars......yea maybe even 100 gazillion.....that's a lot of ribs.
Brenda Bredahl September 06, 2012 at 08:49 PM
I'm guessing, just guessing, one dinner at Famous daves and a couple of jimmy johns take outs and maybe breakfast at Mickey D's (pick mcd or the diner in st. paul) a year for the land and build/retrofit. Don't quote me but its peanuts for the investment and payback to the region's quality of life and economic well being. If you live in a house that costs 10K a year in property tax, then downsize. 100 bucks a year is peanuts.
Lil Guy September 06, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Where are you getting your numbers from. I have seen no literature come to my mailbox and have yet to hear the school board state a price for the next referendum if this land were to get rezoned. And by the way why don't u think about those on a fixed income before you speak!


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