State Rep to Minnesota Businesses: Come to the Land of Lower Taxes

In response to Gov. Mark Dayton's budget proposal, Rep. Erik Severson (R-Osceola) sent an open letter to Minnesota business owners on Tuesday encouraging them to relocate to Wisconsin, where their business will be welcomed with "open arms

State Rep. Erik Severson (R-Osceola) is taking an interesting approach to business and politics.

Rather than reaching across the aisle, he is reaching across the St. Croix River and telling Minnesota business owners that Wisconsin “welcomes your business with open arms and low taxes.”

In response to Gov. Dayton’s budget proposal, Severson is encouraging Minnesota businesses owners to relocate to Wisconsin.

“In the private sector, one of the most important rules for running a business is not spending more than you have. It’s a concept with which your governor, Mark Dayton, seems unfamiliar,” Severson write in an open letter sent to Minnesota business owners on Tuesday. “He does not seem to understand that high taxes drive businesses out—out of business and out of his state. Fortunately your neighbors to the east are ready to welcome your business with open arms and low taxes.”

Severson’s letter goes on to outline why he thinks Minnesota businesses could see more green—as a result of lower taxes—on the other side of the river.

“I believe it is important to outline the options for businesses in Minnesota by letting them know that here in Wisconsin we value job creators,” Severson said. “Governor Dayton’s budget proposal, especially his tax on business-to-business transactions, will put a stress on businesses and reveal that Wisconsin is a better place to do business.”

Severson has been vocal about the different approaches being taken by Minnesota and Wisconsin to close their budget deficits.

Dayton’s proposal calls for a $2.1 billion sales tax increase in order to eliminate a $1.1 billion deficit, Severson writes. By contrast, Wisconsin turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $484 million surplus in just two years without raising taxes.

“We are moving Wisconsin forward by promoting job growth through lower taxes on families and small businesses,” Severson said. “I would encourage all business owners, small and large, to take a close look at Governor Dayton’s proposal and decide if the cost of doing business in Minnesota is too high. If that’s the case, I am ready and willing to help businesses make the move across the river into Wisconsin.”

Click here to read Severson’s open letter to Minnesota business owners.

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Peter, Hudson, Wis. February 07, 2013 at 03:18 PM
False: "By contrast, Wisconsin turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $484 million surplus in just two years without raising taxes." -- State Rep. Erik Severson (R-Osceola). The portion for Hudson schools increased on my statement due to cuts at the state level. Governor Walker cut Homestead Tax Credit. Each amounts to a tax increase.


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