Tips on Surviving the Snowy Season from the City of Oakdale

Learn how to follow snowplows, deal with trash containers and keep kids safe during the winter months.

The City of Oakdale offers the following tips to keep roads and plow drivers safe during the snowy season:

  • Winter parking restrictions are in place until April 30. During this time, no vehicles may be parked on city streets from 1 to 7 a.m. each day or following a snowfall of 2 inches or more until the full width of the road is cleared.
  • When clearing your driveway or walkways, remember not to shovel, blow or plow snow or ice into a city street—regardless of whether your street has already been plowed.
  • On trash pick-up day, do not place rubbish and recycling containers in the street or set them out before 5 a.m. Containers need to be placed behind the curb line.
  • Children are attracted to mounds of snow, but please keep them from the areas along streets or the middle of cul-de-sacs where vehicles frequent and visibility could be impaired.
  • When driving, remain at least 70 feet back from a snowplow.
  • Keep a path shoveled to the fire hydrants in your neighborhood so they can be easily accessed by the fire department in the event of an emergency.
  • To ensure mail delivery, please clear snow away from the front of your mailboxes.
  • Consider assisting elderly or physically challenged neighbors with snow removal.
Jim February 29, 2012 at 03:45 AM
If you get stuck in your front drive vehicle you might be able to get unstuck by placeing the shifter in the direction you want to go and press the brakes and the gas pedal to place some torque on the transmission, NOT TO MUCH. Then slowly remove the pressure from the brakes, not completely but just enough for the engine torque to overcome the brakes. When done correctly BOTH of the driving wheels of your car will turn at the same time and you will drive right out of the stuck condition. Your vehicle will be converted to a 4 wheel drive vehicle, kind of. WARNING: Don't overdue it as excess restrained torque might damage your vehicle.


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