VIDEO: Hudson School District Board of Education Meeting - Aug. 14, 2012

Items on the agenda included SMART Goal results, teacher salary, benefit, attraction and retention information, school room utilization reports and zoning of the St. Croix Meadows property.

Video is provided by The River Channel Hudson/North Hudson Community Access Television.



1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Recognition
    A. Pam Morrison, Co-Chair of St. Croix County Success by Six Committee (C. McIntyre)
    B. Brian Culbertson, School Age Care Staff Member-Emergency Care Response Recognition (N. Sweet)

5. Superintendent’s Report
    A. Hudson Area Special Olympics Gift to the District presented by Jerry Gilbert
    B. Preparation to Start the School Year

6. Reports
    A. 2011-12 SMART Goal Results (M. Bowen-Eggebraaten)
    B. 2011-12 Preliminary Advanced Placement Results (S. Kovatch)
    C. 2012 Summer School (S. Kovatch)
    D. Teacher Salary/Benefit Comparability Study (N. Sweet)
    E. Teacher Attraction and Retention Data (N. Sweet)
    F. High School & Middle School Room Utilization Report (N. Sweet)
    G. St. Croix Meadows Purchase: Condition of Bridges over Albert St. (T. Erickson)
    H. St. Croix Meadows Purchase: Update on Rezoning Request to City of Hudson (T. Erickson)

7. Citizens Request to Speak about the City of Hudson’s Consideration of Rezoning St. Croix Meadows

8. Board/Administrator Response to Public Comments about the City of Hudson’s Consideration of Rezoning St. Croix Meadows

9. Topics for Action
    A. 2012-13 Open Enrollment Exception Requests (C. McIntyre)
    B. Consent Items
        1) Approval of July 10, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes
        2) Personnel Hires, Changes, Retirements/ Resignations/ Non-Renewals/ Terminations & Leaves
        3) Expenditures
        4) 2012-13 FamilyMeans Employee Assistance Program Agreement (continuing)
        5) 2012-13 Agreement with Prescott School District for Vision Services (revision)

10. Committee Reports
      A. 8/7/12 Personnel Committee Meeting (M. Kaisersatt)

11. Adjourn 


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