VIDEO: Hudson School District Board of Education Meeting - July 10, 2012

The Hudson School District Board of Education meeting agenda for July 10, 2012, included findings into allegations against district officials, legal opinions on various matters, St. Croix Meadows environmental assessment of mold, and more.

Video is provided by The River Channel Hudson/North Hudson Community Access Television.



1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Recognition (S. Kovatch)
    A. Destination Imagination Global Teams
    B. Nancy Toll-Certified Education Technology Leader

5. Superintendent’s Report
    A. Hudson Area Special Olympics Gift to the District presented by Jerry Gilbert

6. Reports
    A. Elementary, Middle School, and High School Class Sizes (N. Sweet)
    B. 2012-13 Preliminary Budget (T. Erickson)
    C. St. Croix Meadows: Environmental Assessment of Mold (T. Erickson)

7. Citizens Request to Speak on Non-Agenda Items with Introductory Comments by President Tom Holland

8. Board/Administrator Response to Public Comments

9. Legal Issues
    A. Findings from Attorney Mick Waldspurger’s Independent Investigation into Allegations against District Officials
    B. Legal Opinions on Matters affecting School District Operations: Open Enrollment, Authority of School Officials, Referendum Questions, Conflict of Interest, Defamatory Statements
    C. Response to Unfounded Statements and Rumors

10. Topics for Action
    A. Policy 6137: English as a Second Language Program Eligibility and Exit Criteria (New) (C. McIntyre)
    B. 2012-13 School Lunch Prices (T. Erickson)
    C. 2012-13 District Goals (M. Bowen-Eggebraaten)
    D. 2012-13 Additional Staffing Recommendations (N. Sweet)
    E. Consent Items
        1. Approval of June 12, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes
        2. Personnel Hires, Changes, Retirements/Resignations/Non-Renewals/Terminations & Leaves
        3. Expenditures 
        4. 2012-13 Bread Bid award to Sara Lee Bakery Group
        5. Policy 5142: Student Medication (revision)
        6. Renewal of Lease with BRIDGE for Hudson Youth, Inc. for Community Work Site (continuing)
        7. Renewal of Lease with BRIDGE for Hudson Youth, Inc. for Claiborne House (continuing)

11. Committee Reports
    A. 6/25/12 Learning & Program Development Committee Meeting (B. Bell)
    B. 6/25/12 & 7/9/12 Finance Committee Meetings (D. Tjornehoj)
    C. 6/26/12 Facilities & Grounds Committee Meeting (T. Holland)
    D. 6/26/12 & 7/9/12 Personnel Committee Meetings (M. Kaisersatt) (T. Holland)

12. Adjourn 


Citizens may request to speak to the Board of Education on a particular topic listed under Topics for Action and/or during the Citizens Request to Speak item on the agenda.  Citizens need to register to speak by submitting a brief form that can be found near the entrance.


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Tophat12 July 12, 2012 at 06:41 AM
Two opinions: 1) Watching this, I believe board member Gehrke is a liability and the board should disavow her. 2) While I believe it is okay and sometimes necessary to question the actions of the school board, I hope the community realizes that these are human beings and fellow citizens. To personally attack a person rather than challenging an idea/action is destructive to progress and frankly childish.


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