Warning about 'Thin, Irregular, Dangerous Ice' near St. Croix Crossing Project

Departure of three barges last week broke up ice on the St. Croix River, prompting MnDOT to issue caution about ice conditions from the bridge site to Hastings.

St. Croix Crossing live webcam has been stuck on this image. Photo: MnDOT
St. Croix Crossing live webcam has been stuck on this image. Photo: MnDOT
Use "extreme caution" and look out for "thin, irregular and dangerous ice conditions" on the St. Croix River, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has warned.  

The reason for MnDOT's cautionary statement was the demobilization of three barges from the construction area last week from their positions near Oak Park Heights, MN and St. Joseph, WI. That broke up ice cover along a large stretch of the river from the St. Croix Crossing construction site down to Hastings. 

Other barges were removed by truck, MnDOT said. And according to project spokesperson Jessica Wiens, crews won't be moving any other barges this season. 

Tug Boat Traffic Keeps Ice Iffy
But activity in the construction zone will continue to create similarly dangerous ice conditions, Wiens said by email Monday:

"Near the project site, tug boats continue to break up ice while crews complete pier foundations work. Right now, that is scheduled to be complete in January. So ice breaking is currently occurring, causing thin and irregular conditions between Stillwater and Bayport." 

Meanwhile, the project's live webcam returned to service Monday while its construction camera marked a week on the fritz.

For more information about the St. Croix Crossing project: 

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Roach Silverback December 10, 2013 at 05:11 AM
Omg! Don't screw up the prime Hudson ice road and ice fishing grounds!


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