Hudson Patch Whiz Kid: Isac Schindler

Hudson Middle School student Isac Schindler beat the 2009 state champion at the state youth wrestling tournament in March, securing an impressive second place title.

Hudson Patch Whiz Kid: Isac Schindler, 12


Accomplishment: Hudson sixth-grader Isac wrestled his way to second place for boys born 1998-99 (185 lbs.) at the 2011 WWF Kids Folkstyle State Tournament in Madison on March 26. Isac is coached by Art Tobin and older brother Derek Schindler, and won sixth place at the same tournament last year.

Key to Awesomeness: Isac isn't one for resting on his laurels. In the off season, he makes it a priority to work out at the every day and also builds extra muscle working on the family farm. Isac's nominator noted that he is known as a hard worker and always fully applies himself to the task at hand, be it pinning his opponent to the mat or lending a hand with chores.


Each week, Hudson Patch will seek suggestions from readers for individual kids, youth groups, teens, and even sports teams that wow us with their accomplishments. Submit your nomination in our comment box below or email the information to foleymo@patch.com. Be sure to include the nominator's name and email address, and the Whiz Kid's name, age, school, accomplishment, and key to awesomeness (what made him/her successful?). 

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