Hudson School District Apologizes for Screening Ashton Kutcher's 'I Pledge' Video

"Although using the video was a mistake," the School District stated in the release, "the purpose of the event itself was to raise student awareness and encourage involvement in taking positive action in their schools and communities."

The Hudson School District is apologizing for showing Ashton Kutcher's "I Pledge" video to Hudson Middle School students on Wednesday as part of the Peace One Day event.

"The Middle School and District apologize for the use of the "I Pledge" video," a news release posted on the District's website reads. "The reason the video was used was to show students small ways to make a difference in their communities. Most of the video provided viewers with examples like: end hunger in America; volunteer more; always represent your country with pride, dignity and honesty; and care for America’s elderly.

"Unfortunately, the video also had a political slant. The District is non-partisan and does not endorse the political messages found in this video. This video will not be used in the District again."

Middle School Principal Dan Koch made the following announcement to students Thursday afternoon:

"The ‘I Pledge’ video we viewed yesterday included some messages about serving President Barak (sic) Obama. We apologize for any part of the video that was offensive to students, their families and staff. The video conveyed a message that people serve the presidency when in fact our elected officials serve the people. We respect the Office of the President of the United States but like all of our other elected officials, that office serves each of us as well. I sincerely hope that as participants in Wednesday's event what you took away from the experience was to choose to make a difference in your world."

"Although using the video was a mistake," the School District stated in the release, "the purpose of the event itself was to raise student awareness and encourage involvement in taking positive action in their schools and communities. We hope that the use of the video does not overshadow the value of the positive message of this event for our Middle School students."

The Middle School has been participating in the Peace One Day event since 2009.

According to Peace One Day organizers, the event has been recognized across the world by 280 million people in 198 countries. The purpose of this event is to encourage Middle School students to make a difference in their world locally, nationally and globally; and to respect oneself, family, friends, community and the environment.

Other student activities included viewing a brief Peace One Day video; introduction of school peace photo and poster contest; an opportunity to make individual pledges to "speak in a kind way, help others throughout the day, care for our earth and respect people in every land; and concluded with an annual school photo of students in the formation of a musical note exemplifying peace and harmony.
Roach Silverback October 01, 2013 at 12:48 AM
Love the government kool aid! This must be water melon flavor!
Johnny Johnson October 01, 2013 at 07:23 AM
Indoctrination is CNN and MSNBC which is merely State run media, doesn't matter their ratings stink . Foxnews dominate the ratings because they don't follow Whitehouse marching orders.
Renee October 01, 2013 at 12:16 PM
Nice racist comment Roach and friends. Adds more perspective to the discussion.
yomammy October 01, 2013 at 12:29 PM
AAAnnnnd the race card comes out....AGAIN.... Remember boys and girls...apparently, if you don't worship Obama...you get instantly labeled...
Robert Burke October 01, 2013 at 01:10 PM
Hey Renee, I have a question...and I really don't know. But what if roach silverback is black. If it changes the perspective for you in anyway you may want to consider the three fingers pointing back at you.
Renee October 01, 2013 at 01:58 PM
A racist comment is a racist comment. And Yo thanks for your condescending voice of no reason.
Marty McFly October 01, 2013 at 02:04 PM
An idiotic comment is an idiotic comment.
Marty McFly October 01, 2013 at 02:05 PM
Renee, you need to be nice to people that work as they are the ones paying the taxes for your ilk on the public dole.
Renee October 01, 2013 at 02:31 PM
Your attempt to belittle me and whatever you think my 'ilk' is, is absurd and idiotic. I'm out, this blog, as usual has run off the tracks.
Roach Silverback October 02, 2013 at 04:10 AM
Renee the kool-aid is good here!
RA Klugman October 02, 2013 at 06:50 AM
Elizabeth, I agree with you. The entire video has a subliminal socialist/Marxist message and even includes our "Dear Leader" for the personality cult worshipers. After reading all the comments, I was shocked to find out what the Libertarians believe. I thought they believed in freedom, including free markets. In a free market system people who are better at serving others or making products that others want become wealthier and as a result we all benefit by living in a more prosperous society. I highly recommend the Hillsdale College online course on economics. It is free for all and is an excellent course on economics so please go here to sign up: https://online.hillsdale.edu/login If we can't keep free markets/capitalism alive (because we envy the rich more than we love the poor) we will all be living a less prosperous and a much harder life. I spent time living in communist Romania and it was a very hard life for all. I don't think we want to take our country in that direction. The Romanians lived in cold dark concrete flats and were very hungry all the time. Please get educated on economics DB.
Roach Silverback October 02, 2013 at 07:14 AM
Omg you are all cracked I'm new to the midwest but ya'll crack me up! Drink the apology kool-aid. This educator was thinking outside the box! He did not do this on purpose! Chill out you Lutheran conservatives!
Elisabeth Nelson October 02, 2013 at 09:01 AM
B.D. Greed, war, and licentiousness are indeed destructive forces in life. I would add envy, jealousy, hate.
yomammy October 02, 2013 at 09:36 AM
"licentiousness" OOOOooooo... can use this today in my BS bingo at the staff meeting!!!
kk October 02, 2013 at 09:39 AM
wow if no humans were licentiousness there would be no humanity. put the burkas on all you right. But war is good it gets rid of all those slaves and replaces it with the one created with licentiousness. More guns no abortions go right.
Elisabeth Nelson October 02, 2013 at 09:48 AM
Just saying we are all sinners and we sin. My point is that if greed is such a major sin, then so is envy.
Marty McFly October 02, 2013 at 09:55 AM
Envy can't be a sin because then all those that want but don't want to work for it would be sinners and that would not be acceptable. Those of us that work are greedy because we want to spend what we earn on ourselves and our families.
RA Klugman October 02, 2013 at 10:05 AM
GREED: Milton Friedman explained it best, “Well first of all, tell me: Is there some society you know that doesn’t run on greed? You think Russia doesn’t run on greed? You think China doesn’t run on greed? What is greed? Of course, none of us are greedy, it’s only the other fellow who’s greedy. The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests. The great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus. Einstein didn’t construct his theory under order from a bureaucrat. Henry Ford didn’t revolutionize the automobile industry that way. In the only cases in which the masses have escaped from the kind of grinding poverty you’re talking about, the only cases in recorded history, are where they have had capitalism and largely free trade. If you want to know where the masses are worse off, worst off, it’s exactly in the kinds of societies that depart from that. So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear, that there is no alternative way so far discovered of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by the free-enterprise system.” ― Milton Friedman
kk October 02, 2013 at 10:38 AM
Einstein was a public servant. Most of the greatest discoveries for improvement in humanity have been by public funded of public servants. Henry Ford was looking for more money for himself. He also was a believer in his number one asset his employees and seeing how the current Ford is operated I am sure he is rolling in his grave. The other statements are more in the line of dictatorship and that is a big big difference than socialism. And yes in dictatorship it is all about greed. I get paid because I am there I am not there because I am paid. Service to humanity is the best work of life! 40+ years and counting down!!
Marty McFly October 02, 2013 at 10:45 AM
Henry Ford was all for profit and not for unionized labor. See the excerpt below from Wikipedia (yeah I know): Labor unions Ford was adamantly against labor unions. He explained his views on unions in Chapter 18 of My Life and Work.[31] He thought they were too heavily influenced by some leaders who, despite their ostensible good motives, would end up doing more harm than good for workers. Most wanted to restrict productivity as a means to foster employment, but Ford saw this as self-defeating because, in his view, productivity was necessary for any economic prosperity to exist. He believed that productivity gains that obviated certain jobs would nevertheless stimulate the larger economy and thus grow new jobs elsewhere, whether within the same corporation or in others. Ford also believed that union leaders had a perverse incentive to foment perpetual socio-economic crisis as a way to maintain their own power. Meanwhile, he believed that smart managers had an incentive to do right by their workers, because doing so would maximize their own profits. (Ford did acknowledge, however, that many managers were basically too bad at managing to understand this fact.) But Ford believed that eventually, if good managers such as he could fend off the attacks of misguided people from both left and right (i.e., both socialists and bad-manager reactionaries), the good managers would create a socio-economic system wherein neither bad management nor bad unions could find enough support to continue existing. To forestall union activity, Ford promoted Harry Bennett, a former Navy boxer, to head the Service Department. Bennett employed various intimidation tactics to squash union organizing.[32] The most famous incident, on May 26, 1937, involved Bennett's security men beating with clubs UAW representatives, including Walter Reuther.[33] While Bennett's men were beating the UAW representatives, the supervising police chief on the scene was Carl Brooks, an alumnus of Bennett’s Service Department, and [Brooks] "did not give orders to intervene."[34] The incident became known as The Battle of the Overpass. In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Edsel (who was president of the company) thought Ford had to come to some sort of collective bargaining agreement with the unions because the violence, work disruptions, and bitter stalemates could not go on forever. But Henry (who still had the final veto in the company on a de facto basis even if not an official one) refused to cooperate. For several years, he kept Bennett in charge of talking to the unions that were trying to organize the Ford Motor Company. Sorensen's memoir[35] makes clear that Henry's purpose in putting Bennett in charge was to make sure no agreements were ever reached. The Ford Motor Company was the last Detroit automaker to recognize the United Auto Workers union (UAW). A sit-down strike by the UAW union in April 1941 closed the River Rouge Plant. Sorensen recounted[36] that a distraught Henry Ford was very close to following through with a threat to break up the company rather than cooperate, but his wife Clara told him she would leave him if he destroyed the family business. In her view, the chaos it would create would not be worth it. Henry complied with his wife's ultimatum, and even agreed with her in retrospect.[36] Overnight, the Ford Motor Company went from the most stubborn holdout among automakers to the one with the most favorable UAW contract terms.[36] The contract was signed in June 1941.[36
kk October 02, 2013 at 10:49 AM
(Ford did acknowledge, however, that many managers were basically too bad at managing to understand this fact.) But Ford believed that eventually, if good managers....Thank you for supporting society.
Robert Burke October 02, 2013 at 11:50 AM
Most of the greatest discoveries for improvement in humanity have been by public funded of public servants. Ok. Let's start a list for kk of greatest inventions that happened with minimum government. I'll start with fire.
Marty McFly October 02, 2013 at 11:56 AM
The wheel.
Roach Silverback October 03, 2013 at 12:11 AM
Kool-aid and hot wheels
yomammy October 03, 2013 at 08:08 AM
most things...
kk October 03, 2013 at 09:05 AM
Immunizations, most of the electronic world, most of the material for clothing, most paints, most of the creating of concrete, most adhesives, plastics, Most every thing was paid for by the government either as the public servant or direct funding by the government. Food safety, cleaner environment than the 1970's you are allowed to breath because of it. Medical improvements not restrictive like the no right are currently advocating.
Elisabeth Nelson October 03, 2013 at 10:28 AM
Paid for by the government is us. Many of the innovations and inventions were carried out with a combination of public and private investments, for instance Solyndra. (waste of our money). When private enterprises fail, those responsible are the losers. Very different from those responsible for public funding who have nothing to lose. I repeat from one of the letters above: there is a free course on economics so please go here to sign up: https://online.hillsdale.edu/login
kk October 03, 2013 at 12:26 PM
Just like the right response. we dont take a chance on improving without government help or we will go somewhere else. fact check http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2012/06/06/495791/cnn-solyndra-loan-bush-started-no-evidence-of-wrong-doing-romney-attacks-are-made-up/
sbrown October 03, 2013 at 12:37 PM
Yes, kk, the Solyndra loan was started and HALTED during the Bush admin. Go beyond "Think Progress" for your fact check. Here is a link from CNN. Not too difficult to find more than one source but I felt you would try the "Faux News" garbage if it wasn't a democrat friendly site. It was started by Bush: The DOE loan program that funded Solyndra was actually started by President Bush in 2005. It was intended to provide government support for "innovative technologies." But the Bush administration never approved Solyndra's loan, saying the application needed more work." http://money.cnn.com/2012/06/06/technology/solyndra/index.htm
kk October 03, 2013 at 12:45 PM
of course you are right http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/solyndra-report-obama-admin-restructured-loan-pr-concerns/story?id=16912518


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