School Board Candidate Jim Schrock Introduces Self to Hudson Voters

Jim Schrock is the last of the five Hudson school board candidates to send a statement to Patch. Schrock hopes to instill "an environment that ensures transparency and openness" on the board.

Four of the five candidates vying a seat on the Hudson School District Board of Education — Jamie Johnson, Bruce Hanson, Jeanette Kunz and Matthew G. Kari —all have issued statements about their candidacy. On Friday, the final candidate — Jim Schrock — issued the following statement:

There are four other qualified candidates running, and any who are elected will be an asset to the board. I ask for your vote of confidence in both of these important elections based upon these core beliefs:

I believe that all willing participants (citizens/taxpayers/parents, teachers, administration, board members and students) are recognized as vital and this inclusiveness of voice is crucial for making the best decisions in the interest of our children. The best decisions are made when all inputs are considered and balanced thought applied.

I believe that our school system should provide abundant opportunities for every student to excel and succeed. From academics and athletics, to club and volunteer activities, our children will benefit from strong support via a healthy education system and with this, ultimately graduate well prepared for work and/or further education. It is my belief that I can make impactful contributions that will build a collaborative and cooperative education system.

I believe that teachers are the front line in everyday school activities and need to have all the tools and support that we can possibly provide. A combination of strong teaching with visible community support will result in above average outcomes for our children. I believe that creative thinking needs to be applied using next generation technologies and curriculums as part of the toolbox. This will allow our students to be fully equipped to meet challenges beyond Hudson, beyond Wisconsin, and beyond the USA.

There is no question that there is an immediate need to address space limitations in the Hudson School system. It is important that every tax dollar that might be spent is done with the proper amount of due diligence, with purpose and accountability built into a democratic decision making process. I plan to listen to and work with all stakeholders so our community can be proud of the important decisions taken and the elected representatives involved. Beyond this pressing issue, our community needs an ongoing, rigorous process in place that creates an environment that ensures transparency and openness. This is my vision.

I humbly ask for your support and thank you for your consideration!

Schrock will face Johnson, Hanson, Kunz and Kari in a Feb. 19 primary. The general election will take place on April 2.


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Scott Erlenborn February 17, 2013 at 10:46 AM
Just watched the candidate forum and of the three budget hawks, Schrock was the most prepared. Presented strong but as is the case with both Kunz and Kari my overiding concern is the supression of teacher wages to the detriment of our children's education. We rank dead last in the state in local funding for our schools. All three seem to think that is a good thing. I don't and for this reason I will not be voting for Jim.
Jim Schrock February 22, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Actually Scott I am the opposite of that re: teacher wages. On the spot questioning gives some direct answers, but does not allow the time to totally think through in two minutes. I absolutely believe that teachers are the frontline troops, and they need total support in all areas, including not just competitive wages, but rewarding wages. I do not take pride in saying that 'our teachers salaries are low in comparison' to other districts. Good teachers should be rewarded for their efforts financially; I have also found that the good teachers want to be rated in some way so that their accomplishments are known. I apologize for not seeing your post earlier, as I would have responded well before now. If you have any questions regarding where I stand, call me @ (715) 781-1291 or the facebook page has much information. Thanks Scott!
Scott Erlenborn February 25, 2013 at 03:39 PM
Jim, Thanks for reaching out and for clarifying your position on this most important topic. I will have to reconsider who I will be supporting. I like how you phrased the issue - "rewarding wages". That really is the issue. My wife Beth worked 13 years in technology in the private sector, even teaching at the college level. When she came into teaching technology in the public schools none of that vast experience was considered in calculating her compensation, and she took a huge pay cut from $63,000 to $36,000. Then with two pay freezes in five years, it just kept getting worse. She is now teaching in Woodbury for $10k more than she was making in Hudson, and has the lanes and column grid intact for future pay increases, but still makes $10k less than she was making in 2000 in the private sector.


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