School Board Candidate Matthew Kari Introduces Self to Hudson Voters

Matthew Kari is the fourth of five Hudson school board candidates to send a statement to Patch. For Kari, a tax accountant, it comes down to the bottom line and how the district spends its money.

Just as Jamie Johnson, Bruce Hanson and Jeanette Kunz have done before him, Hudson School District Board of Education candidate Matthew Kari has issued the following statement about why he is running for a seat on the school board:

I have lived in the Hudson community for the past nine years. To be honest, when my wife and I moved to the Hudson community the last thing I would have considered is running for school board as our kids are grown and did not go to school here in Hudson. That said, about six years ago we have taken on the task of raising two of our grandchildren, and when we were ready to enroll our granddaughter into school, my wife was told that we may not have room for her.

From that point forward I knew that our district was having growing issues. I have followed the school referendums and have voted on every one. However, with the discussions of the dog track purchase I had to vote no, because I am and foremost a taxpayer. If you are going to ask me for money, I want to know what are you going to build and what are you going to do with the existing buildings we have.

The answer every time was "We are not sure; it depends on how much money we can get." I know that there were several proposals, but in the end I needed more info as I was afraid we would end up with yet another piece of property that was going to sit idle at the taxpayers’ expense. 

I do believe there is a need for a new school; however, I want to look my friends and colleagues in the eye and say, "We need X amount of money from you," and "This is what you will get for supporting the future education of our children."  

I have be doing tax accounting work for the past eight years, and for me it comes down to the bottom line. I want to know whether we are being good stewards of the money that has been entrusted to us for the people of our district.

When I am asked, "Do you think your grandchildren have a good education?," and I can say with confidence that I believe we have great teachers in this district. I do believe, however, that our teachers are not being heard. I have visited with several teachers in this district, and all of them have a passion to teach and make a difference in the life of a child. What is missing is the voice, and when you have no voice you lose the drive to teach with creativity.

Kari will face Johnson, Hanson, Kunz and Jim Schrock in a Feb. 19 primary. The general election will take place on April 2.


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Scott Wettleson January 09, 2013 at 01:58 PM
He'll most assuredly get my vote. I hope the other candidates let us know their stance on the past dog track issue, as this will give the voters a better understanding of the candidates. It seems many are being a bit coy, with the hope of fooling the voters by dancing around the issues and being pretty vague.
Scott Erlenborn February 17, 2013 at 10:35 AM
Just watched the candidate forum. Kari was by far the least prepared and presented himself as a budget hawk first and foremost . Seems like a decent guy and I too thought his statement above was articulate, but he presented very poorly at the forum. My concern with Kari, as it is for Kunz and Shirock, is that they will surpress wages and drive our best and brightest teachers across the river to the great detriment of our children's education. He will not be getting my vote


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