School District Issues Statement About Mold Rumors at St. Croix Meadows

School district calls the rumor "a common last-minute scare tactic used by referendum opponents" to defeat the measure on Tuesday.

The issued a statement Monday about what it calls a "false scare-tactic rumor" about mold at the St. Croix Meadows property. District voters will decide Tuesday whether the district will buy the property for a new secondary school. 

The district issued the following statement:

The district has become aware of a scare-tactic rumor being sent out through Facebook and emails by individuals who are against the purchase of St. Croix Meadows. The untrue rumor suggests the building will contain mold when it opens. 

Any building remodel is designed to eliminate problems such as mold. That is the case with St. Croix Meadows. The inside of the St. Croix Meadows building will be extensively redone, dry wall and other surfaces that could harbor mold will be removed. The building will be tested as part of the demolition and reconstruction process. Neither students nor staff will be at risk when the school opens. It will be a new clean environment. 

When the building was assessed by the engineer and architects and cost savings determined, budgeted dollars were included to deal with potential reconstruction issues that may be identified during demolition. The estimated construction costs savings of $4.8 - $7.45 million included covering this cost if needed.

It is a common last minute scare-tactic used by referendum opponents to bring out information like this close to an election that leaves little time to provide accurate information. The district wants to make sure you have accurate information. St. Croix Meadows will be a safe school for students, staff and the community.

The rumor was planted on the Hudson Pach page on Facebook over the weekend with the following language:

Just received some interesting information about the condition of the dog track. This comes from a very reliable source whom I trust. For a number of years the main building had a very large hole in the roof. Consequently with years of immense water infiltration the building is so full of mold, both black and white, it's very questionable that any of it can be used. Even if the mold is attempted to be cleaned up, i wonder if the State of WI would allow kids in a building once containing extreme mold? Better yet would parents want their kids attending school in this building knowing about the mold? The district hasn't told us this so I'm sure parents done know. Spread the word. This is very reliable information.

Eagle April 03, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Being a City of Hudson resident, I am fairly confident that the property will not be rezoned. The city has to many budget issues to give up any revenue, especially future commercial revenue from this property.
MrsPeel April 03, 2012 at 10:39 PM
I'm sure they checked with FAUX News and the Drug-addled Gasbag Limbaugh first and then they "know" the rumor is "fact."
Cheryl Sykora April 10, 2012 at 12:23 PM
given the structure has not been used for many years, it is logical to expect water intrusion with some mold issues. It sounds like the intention is to reuse the structure with finish replacement to better accomodate a school use. removing the finishes will also remove the mold. considerable savings would be expected reusing an already existing structure as opposed to constructing a new one from scratch. Also with respect to tax loss, it is expected that the school will draw commercial development in that direction. It already looks like commercial development is going that direction. this will just assist it. If you don't want to build new schools, then stop building houses and encouraging people with children to live in Hudson. My property taxes dropped last year. I can afford to pay a little more to educate the children of Hudson.
Ed Larson April 10, 2012 at 01:33 PM
I found the campaign mailings in support of the dog rack purchase less than honest. The last page barely mentioned the need for a future referendum to fund the actual school conversion/build or the cost of the future referendum. I am almost certain that any cost savings of buying an old unmaintained building will ever be realized. We have once again been had by those that have very little accountability when it comes to spending your tax dollars. How many times will the people of this district stand still as their pockets are picked?
Mark Richards November 14, 2012 at 02:01 AM
From my point of view, the rumors were stirred about by insecure residents who think that the committee has cheated them of their money. But honestly speaking, does anyone think that the committee would invest millions of dollars just to waste those same millions on problems afterwards? I'm pretty certain that the committee has been well aware of the mold situation from the very beginning but hasn't made a public notification about it because it is considered a minor issue and mold remediation has been done prior to the purchase of the building. - http://www.mold-removal-toronto.com


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