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Brian is a man of few words. So is his blog. But it is an interesting question to ponder. Leave your answer in the comments .Unless your answer is 50 Shades of Grey, best to keep that to yourself.

We get many book-related questions, as you can imagine. Frequently we're asked for good books to read, our opinions on certain titles or authors and restaurant recommendations. Over the weekend, a customer asked me "What was the last book you read that changed your life?" My first thoughts were of some books that I had read lately that "moved" me - Kite Runner, Wingshooters, The Bottoms, among others. But, did they change my life? Not really. At least for me, at this stage of my life, eliciting deep emotional responses doesn't equate to changing who I am or how I act.

Then it hit me. I have read a book recently that caused a drastic change in my lifestyle. Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer turned me into a vegetarian. I think that probably qualifies as a book that changed my life. 

Previously, I'd been a happy carnivore. I grew up on a pig farm. I've eaten all the standard animals, plus a few of the exotics with no reservations and no guilt. Since May, none (well, a slice of my son's pepperoni pizza when I was really hungry).

Foer's description of the ways food animals are treated prior to market, the brutality of the actual slaughter and the stuff they feed them were enough to convince me to make this change. 

Since then, I've eaten a lot of potatoes, peanut butter and pasta. I've been keeping the deli counter at the County Market busy filling my orders for .63 lbs of different vegetarian salads (they love the challenge). I don't really miss eating animal flesh at all.

So, Hudson, two things: 1) send me your favorite vegetarian dishes; and, 2) share your life-changing books. We'll post the good ones. Thank you.


** or comment here too on the Patch.

I included book cover images for Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemna because it is a well known book on the subject. I also included my favorite: The Ethics Of What We Eat, it followed 3 common scenarios and what leads to the purchasing and eating decision of 3 different households.

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Suzanne Hambleton October 12, 2012 at 03:26 AM
We had a very similar experience at my house, although our vegetarian streak ended one very hungry day when a loaded cheeseburger walked by. Now, we are extremely careful to purchase meat directly from farmers who care enough about their animals to name each one. I strongly recommend the vegetarian pot pie in "The Vegetarian Family Cookbook," by Nava Atlas.


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