Girls Who Tormented Autistic Maryland Boy Might Have Targeted Other Victims

Sister of another alleged victim says girls put her disabled brother's name on a gay website, destroyed property.

Lauren Bush awaits word on whether she'll be tried as adult.
Lauren Bush awaits word on whether she'll be tried as adult.

By Todd Richissin

St. Mary's County, Maryland – With a 15-year-old assailant of an autistic boy already sentenced to six years, a second teenager is now awaiting a decision on whether she'll be tried as an adult for her part in the torment, and prosecutors say more disabled victims may have been targeted.

Separately from the case at hand, the sister of a mentally disabled man said the girls put her brother's name on a gay website, attracting men who showed up at their house.

In the current case, prosecutors say the girls recorded their cruelty on a cellphone, including luring the autistic 16-year-old southern Maryland boy onto a frozen pond, where he fell in multiple times, and encouraging him to try to have sex with his family’s dog.

On Thursday, Judge Michael Stamm sternly rejected the 15-year-old girl's request to spare her a stiff term of incarceration, the Washington Post reports.

St. Mary’s prosecutor John Pleisse said authorities also have been investigating allegations she and her friend bullied two other people — including a second disabled student at Chopticon High School.

“We’re still investigating [one youth], and we know about another disabled person that was taken advantage of,” Pleisse told Stamm.

The other girl involved in the case, Lauren A. Bush, 17, has been charged as an adult with first-degree assault, false imprisonment and child-pornography solicitation and, if convicted, faces up to 80 years in prison.

She is accused of holding a knife to the boy’s throat, and is undergoing several weeks of psychological examinations at a state juvenile detention before a May hearing on whether her case should be transferred to a juvenile court.

The autistic boy's reaction to the charges against the girls added to the heartbreaking nature of the case. He had called the girl his "friends" and said he did not want them charged.

His parents, though, wanted justice pursued, and in Thursday's hearing the boy's father took the stand and addressed the girl directly, the Post reported.

“Your actions have betrayed the trust of someone who thought you were their friend,” he said. “I can say that [my son] almost never smiles, and I hope in time he will heal. I also hope that you will grow to understand that it is wrong to prey upon the weak in our community.”

After the sentencing, Sgt. Cara Grumbles, a spokeswoman for the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department, said the detective handling the autistic boy’s case interviewed the father of another disabled young man who had been bullied by the girls. The father, however, has declined to press charges on behalf of his son, who is now 22 and lives in another state, the Post reported.

His older sister told the paper in an interview that he’d lived near the 15-year-old and that both she and Bush harassed her family numerous times.

“They put my brother’s name on a gay website, and his address, and these two men showed up at our house,” said the sister, who requested anonymity in order to protect her brother. “We were having a lot of problems with [the younger girl] and Lauren coming over and destroying my dad’s property.”

Bryan Harz May 01, 2014 at 06:36 PM
So I'm trying to understand your point. Are you blaming their behavior on society in general? Or St Mary's county? Their neighborhood? The parents? All of the above? And what do we do to improve family structure in America? We are all free to raise our kids as we see fit and there is no one recipe. I think they will receive a certain amount of rehabilitation in the juvenile criminal system. Probably not what they should, but hey, it's better than being in real prison general population.
Andie May 02, 2014 at 12:17 AM
Ditto what Bryan Harz said in his May,1 3:48 post. I am also the parent of an autistic child and what he said was spot on. People (Chuck Burton) who make excuses for bullies saying they need help are bleeding for the wrong hearts. Their not fixable. You can't fix EVIL!
Chuck Burton May 02, 2014 at 11:47 AM
Bryan, if our punishment without rehab system goes on the way it currently is, we can not expect any better results. Our crime rates are certainly not getting smaller. Our educational system teaches many things well, but pays little attention to moral values - and I'm not talking religion, here. And remember, these girls will most likely have kids of their own in future years. What sort of life values will they pass on to those kids?
Steven Spiegel May 05, 2014 at 10:33 PM
I cant believe how everyone is crying for the idiot's who perpetrated this crime . They took advantage of a kid who has problems and they broke the law !!! Charge them as adults they do not belong walking the streets with the rest of us . They need help . Once they sit in jail for 10 or so years they will understand what they did wrong. Don't give them no special treatment . lock them up!!!!!!!!!
guyonearth May 23, 2014 at 01:21 AM
Children like these are the result of complete failure of parenting. The only reason young women would be so cruel is because they somehow got the idea that it would be OK, and nobody called them on it. This should have been nipped in the bud. Now all their lives are ruined. After six years in prison this young woman will probably be a greater threat to society than she is now, since our prisons do nothing to rehabilitate anybody.


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